Why I Prefer Sweating In A Gym and Not In A Forest..

I have a LOT of outdoorsy friends. Growing up in Montana, that’ll happen. I also am pretty outdoorsy myself, don’t get me wrong. I truly enjoy being outside in the sunshine, walking through woodlands, swimming in rivers, camping under the stars, all of it. I love that shit. Really. But I have noticed something over the years that I don’t love. That is when my super athletic, active, outdoorsy peers chuck a big bowl of judgement and arrogance on my head when I talk about how much I love working out in a gym. I hear things like (in the most snobby voice you can imagine) “Ugh, how can you work out inside, I just need the fresh air in my lungs.” to “You know, working out inside on those machines isn’t even that good for you.” First of all, I am pretty sure my working out inside is better than the alternative, you know, not working out at all. So anyways, I decided to vent about that for a bit and then explain a little bit about WHY I prefer sweating in the gym and not in the lovely outdoors.

I think the first reason is very simple. The energy. The second I walk into the gym I instantly feel this excited, tense, competitive energy that I absolutely love.  There are nerves. There is anxiety. There is pain. There is triumph. There is defeat. There is everything. There are just SO many different emotions and feelings that emanate from each person that honestly inspires me. I love that everyone in there is trying to make themselves better. Who knows what their reasons are. They might not be the best, or they might be the most inspirational story ever. But one thing is certain, everyone is there to improve themselves. Being amongst a room full of people working towards their own betterment motivates me more than anything.

The second reason is also simple. The bodies. Now I know it’s most people’s worst fear to hear that people are actually staring at them at the gym but thankfully most people are mostly concerned with their own bodies to care about yours.. Except me. I love looking at the diversity of people’s shells. I was talking to a massage therapist the other day and I realized I envied him because he got to observe and interact with SO many different body types. I just find it fascinating how radically different human bodies are and I actually enjoy observing the ways in which those diverse bodies accomplish great things.

The third reason is again, quite simple. I go to the gym to sweat. If my shirt isn’t soaking when I leave, I didn’t work hard enough. I am 100% serious about this. You can verify with my poor gym bag that smells terrible.. While I am at the gym I am focused and I am there for a reason. To improve my physical and mental health. On the other hand, when I go for a hike, I don’t want it to be a freakin’ sweat bath. I want to enjoy being outdoors and I want to breathe in the lovely fresh air, not wheeze it in. I don’t want to be in pain while I am amongst the beautiful aspects of nature. To me, that sort of ruins it. I like getting my heart rate up anywhere.. But I just REALLY prefer to do my hard core body improvement, in a gym.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way as me about this. I, unlike some of the people I know, understand that everyone is different and everyone has different ways of doing things. But I just couldn’t help feel that most of the people in my life were looking down on me because I’m running on a treadmill and not on a trail. And that sort of pissed me off.. So I just wanted to share with them and other people who find it so hard to believe people want to work out inside WHY I love going to the gym so much. I felt like maybe they just really didn’t know. So now hopefully they do!


My Social Media Detox

Greetings faithful followers!

I want to say I am sorry for kind of disappearing for a month. I have been going through some crazy personal stuff and figured I should keep my highly emotional writing to my physical journal where it can stay hidden for a very very long time. 😉

Now, onto the fun stuff. As I mentioned I have been going through some stuff ( I know that that is painfully vague and I am sorry about that) and that was a big reason why I chose to do what I am calling my social media detox. I do want to make something clear though, I have always loved facebook and instagram. I was never one of those people that bitched about how terrible it was or what a waste of time it was. I really did always like it. And I will probably like it still when I go back to it. But I found myself starting to feel really fake though. I just was at a pretty low point and felt ridiculously in-genuine posting stuff that made it seem like I was super happy and loving life. It just didn’t feel right. On top of that, when you are going through a rough period you really don’t need to be comparing your life to other people’s overly positive representations of theirs. It’s hard enough to do when you are in a really good place in your life. It’s just unhealthy for your mental state. Well, it was for me at least. So, there you go. That’s the run down of why I chose to break up with social media for a while.

Next order of business: how the past 4 weeks have gone without it. It has been really good and enlightening to be honest. It has almost been a month and I have finally stopped having the urge to open up a new tab and click facebook. I had some major withdrawals for a few days. It made me realize how TRULY addicting it is. It is so fascinating to me how humans can get so entranced by looking into other people’s lives. I still don’t really know why it is so easy and enjoyable, but the fact that I am realizing it, is enough for me right now.

This month has also made me realize how much time I did waste on it. I realized I would easily blow through three hours just going down the rabbit hole of profile after profile. I didn’t see that until I quit it and realized how much I could get done in those three hours! I really never knew how much I depended on it as an escape from boredom. That is what scares me, is that I just got so stagnate in being okay with spending so much time on it that I could have been doing other things. I have read 3 books since I gave social media up. That makes me so much more happy than scrolling through profiles of people I barely know anymore. I don’t miss seeing what is going on in the people I love’s lives because I use this thing called a telephone.. I actually think it has been better for my relationships because not seeing everything my friends and family post on facebook makes me more curious about how they are doing and it makes me ask them myself instead of just assuming they are fine because they posted a cute photo of themselves. I think it is safe to say that overall my social detox has been a really good thing for me. I am going to keep away from it for a while. I do want to come back one day.. But I am just weary of relapsing into full on addiction. When I do come back I want to be ready to set boundaries for myself that allow me to continue the healthy way I have been living without it. 🙂