Veggie Queen

I. Love. Salads. Probably more than any person I know. I pretty much eat a salad at least once a day. Here is a pretty picture of one I recently made. It has homegrown alfalfa sprouts, and everything else is from my CSA. ❤



The Grilling Goddess


I used to eat a TON of meat and within the last year I have cut that down a lot. But I still love grilling. Having BBQs is one of the best parts about summer to me! So here I have zucchini, beets, and fennel, all being beautiful on that grill.


I’m not really a food writer, or the best photographer, so I mostly am just going to be posting mediocre pictures of the non mediocre things I cook. Cooking brings me lots of joy and I like to share that joy with people. 🙂